How to Make Your Basement Crawl Space

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Basement Crawl Space – The basement is the part of house which is located below ground level, while the basement is slightly above this threshold. When you decide to make the first of these living spaces it is important to know what to do to fix typical problems easily. In this guide I’m meeting your demand to have indications which make no mistake you might repent in the future when you are living in such areas. You just pay a bit of attention and you’re done.

Be sure to have on hand:

– surface to transform living place
– armchairs, television, trendy decorations, designer furniture, colorful rugs,
– bulbs, chandeliers and lamps

First, wipe down the entire area and remove the objects accumulated over time. You intervene on the tree, if necessary, with the help of an expert taking into account your budget. Among the most common problems encountered in this kind of premises, there are water and humidity infiltration. Therefore examined for leaks and insulate walls, floor and ceiling with panels or special foams. Make sure that the walls retain a certain level of transpiration to avoid the appearance of mould.

To make it inhabitable basement crawl space you need to install an electrical system and sewerage pipes if they are not already there. Then apply paint and plaster on the walls and install the flooring. Depending on the intended use of the room you opt for wood or tile. The cheapest option and alternative is leaving the cement, but this depends on how much money you planned to invest from the start. Choose light colors and reflective surfaces to enhance room illumination. For walls in particular used the classic white or with a tinge of blue. Add details that make it more welcoming and pleasant space. Finished with the baseboards, doors and decorative frames.

As for the lights, aimed at energy saving light bulbs and wall lights and chandeliers are placed at strategic points in the room. Secure them next to a white wall or near the mirrors to allow greater dissemination of enlightenment. Finally, give the place a solution where you can spend your free time with friends, a comfortable place, with armchairs, television, trendy decorations, designer furniture, colorful rugs. If the area allows, your basement crawl space can become a real apartment and not just a recreational area.

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