Barbie Bedroom Design for Girl Bedroom

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The main points to design a bedroom that resembles a Barbie doll world domination is the display room. You do not need to replace all the elements in the bedroom because it would take a lot of cost. Simply play the base element so that a comfortable room can also be maintained. Here are some tips how to choose barbie bedroom design for your daughters.

Color of pink

Barbie is often performed with a dress that was decorated by the color pink. It is not because pink is the color type for female gender. Unfortunately, if you are too much polish with the color of this room, that there is even room feels less soothing. Therefore, the color of pink as accent can worn the room. While the dominance of the color you can choose between blue, brown, white, orange and blue, as well as others.

Feminine style

Barbie always looks through the graceful movements of daily life. Create a feminine atmosphere of the rooms is through the use of selection is kind of delicate fabrics. Especially for bed covers, select the fabric that feels soft on the skin.

Fashionable accessories

Not only beautiful, Barbie also always looks fashionable in clothes. You can even bring typical barbie fashionable design through the addition of wall hangings and table which is currently a trend in the market. In addition, decorations can also be used a family photo or a mirror, as barbie using this ornament in his private room.

Typical Barbie decorations

As a complement bedroom design that has been created, add the characters Barbie and her friends in the bedroom. This you can do by putting a collection of Barbie dolls in the bedroom or the rack itself. Barbie wears a patterned blanket as mattress position that serves as a focal point. Or it could be through the addition of photos and sticker form.

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