The Proper Way in Arranging Porcelain Collection

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Do you know how to arranging porcelain collection properly? In your home there are a collection of teapots, cups, vases, bowls, plates, and cups made ​​of pottery that has been through several processes and hand painting beautiful? That may be a collection of porcelain grandmother or your parents.

It has been known since the Chinese porcelain exported to foreign countries during the 17th century. Not only the Chinese who began producing porcelain, countries such as the UK, Japan, Indonesia, Britain, France, and Scotland also began producing porcelain that are not less beautiful. Since that time porcelain began to be sought after by collectors who love art.

You are interested to start collecting porcelain? Then start by looking for a theme of porcelain. This theme can be in the form of colors, shapes, painting, place of manufacture, and what year makes. You can find out all kinds of porcelain from the internet, books, or participate in a community of lovers of porcelain.

If you start to accumulate a collection, there is no harm in arranging the collection in an antique cupboard, sideboard, or table carving. Adjust the color of the storage with a collection of porcelain colors that you have.

You will cause the porcelain collection of antique and exotic atmosphere around the room. The sideboard is a medium for putting your various collections of porcelain, but if that sideboard is not enough, you can hang on the wall porcelain plate.

Well, how to keep the current arrangement of porcelain in an overlap position? Porcelain is a fragile item, especially when it is timeless. The bottom of the porcelain may become brittle and be sharp surface.

If laid stacked, it will make the porcelain scraped underneath. You can provide a buffer like a thin cork, flannel cloth, or paper pieces in each level. Cut rounded porcelain buffer width. One more thing that should be noted, that do not stack up to 5 levels of porcelain, because of a higher risk for falls considering porcelain is very fragile.

Determine and adjust the location of the porcelain as you see fit. After that cover the drawer with velvet fabric or cloth that is not slippery so as not to shift the porcelain place so it does not pose a clattering sound. Do not forget to classify each of the jewelry at every porcelains.

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