Here Are The advantages of a Wood House

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From the beginning, especially in Italy, is open the debate on which material to use to build a house. In addition to the usual materials for the building industry, you want to the earthquakes, you want to the development of new technologies, nowadays, is used more and more often to the use of wood in civil construction. Have you ever wondered what might be the advantages of a wood house? Probably there are many more that images. Here, then, are some of the benefits that entails the use of wood in construction.

Ductility of the house

The first advantage of a house built in the drift wood of the intrinsic qualities of the wood itself! The wood is a material that is extremely flexible and this allows for a great use. Especially with regard to the construction, wood lends itself to the implementation of multiple architectures, starting from simple ones to arrive at more complex ones such as, for example, the houses. The wood is, therefore, resistant to traction and compression, and this makes it perfect as a building material.

Duration of the house

Wood is a durable material greatly over time, especially if cared for and well treated. A wooden house, therefore, contrary to what you might expect, it’s a home destined to have long life and this is a considerable advantage! A good example are the prefabricated wooden houses that resist quietly for many years although they are often totally exposed to the elements.

Eco-friendly house

Have a wooden house means to have an ecological house 100%! This is because the wood is the only building material capable of breathing and decrease the carbon dioxide of the air. The wooden houses also have the advantage of keeping the internal temperature for a long period of time and avoid the occurrence of condensation.

Fireproof House

It may seem paradoxical, but a wooden house is more resistant to the fire of a house in steel and reinforced concrete. This is because the wood has to be in the ignition only after you have reached 300 degrees Celsius, while the steel and the concrete, begin to change their characteristics even at 200 degrees Celsius. It derives, therefore, that a house of steel and concrete is less resistant to fire than a wood.

High ratio quality and price and economic benefits

Compared to the traditional houses, the wooden houses have a higher economic value. All of this is due to both the level of technology offered by these prefabricated structures, both the reduced times for installation, both for the ridiculously low cost of maintenance.

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