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Bathroom Layouts Small Spaces: How to Make the Tight Space Look Bigger

Dealing with bathroom layouts small spaces can be a problem, mostly because of the limited space and the requirement of the room to look stylish and appealing. It is a good thing that there is always a solution, no matter how difficult the problem is. Moreover, when it is dealing with the bathroom, there are always possible alternative and solutions.

Bathroom Layouts Small Spaces

Some of the Best Solutions for Bathroom Layouts Small Spaces

Just because you have limited space for the bathroom, it doesn’t mean that it will end up as a crappy room that anyone neglects and forgets. On the contrary, there are some possible ideas that you should try to make the bathroom not only functional but also good looking and stylish. And it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to make it come true.

  • Mirror Mirror on the Wall

A bathroom doesn’t only have to own a mirror, but the mirror can create a visual effect that makes the room look bigger. That’s why mirror is often included in bathroom layouts small spaces plan. When you use a full length mirror and you cover one area of the wall with the mirror, it will create an illusion that your bathroom is big. This is ideal when you have a narrow and long bathroom. You don’t actually have to cover the whole wall with the mirror, top to down, right to left. As long as there is a full length mirror and it is quite wide, the effect will be stunning.

Of course, it would be a good idea if this part of the wall has the in-built cabinets where your family can keep their personal items; towels, tissue supplies, candle supplies, etc. With built-in wall cabinets that will save up space and covered with the mirror, you just have made your bathroom functions as its best and created a unique design.

  • Wall Mounted Vanities and Cabinets

Wall Mounted Vanities and Cabinets

Wall mounted furniture is quite effective because it saves up the area on the floor. If you have a wall mounted cabinet and you use the area below it for the sink or toilet, it will definitely save up space. In some arrangements, the toilet may be located in one area wall while the cabinets are on the other sides. If you have a long and narrow bathroom, the longest wall can be used for the wall mounted cabinets and vanities. Wall mounted sink, cabinets or vanities will create an effect that they are lining one after another. Well, it is a pretty unique effect!

  • Tub or No Tub?

A lot of homeowners tend to choose removing the tub since a tub is generally bigger and wider. However, some homeowners may decide to keep the tub but incorporate a shower within it so they can use it as multifunctional section. Moreover, you are free to choose the modern tub which is more compact and smaller than the traditional one. Some of the modern tub has a unique design that makes it look transparent so it doesn’t seem like taking up the whole space.

There are still more solutions and alternatives if you want to look further. Just be sure that you choose the right style for your personal bathroom layouts small spaces plan.