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How to Make Beautiful Your Kitchen With Resurfacing Countertops

resurfacing kitchen countertops pictures amp ideas from ward log homes for resurfacing countertopsThe kitchen is the main area to be hygienic, because all kitchen activities are carried out at this particular location. Work plans are considered the center of attraction or focal point in a kitchen. Resurfacing Countertops are available on the market for kitchen countertops with granite, quartz, marble, concrete, ceramic tile, limestone, stainless steel, solid surface options, and laminate.Several there different types of wood that are used to make wood countertops are for the kitchen.

But even these beautiful materials deteriorate over time especially if the countertops are not given reasonable care and maintenance. They become less attractive because of stains, chips, cracks or dents on their surfaces. When these expensive countertops are already worn out, their owners are caught in a fix. Replacing them would be a daunting task because all prices of materials have gone up considerably. If you’re in such a situation, you need not worry. It is possible to have a ‘brand new’ countertop surface without spending so much. You can use the services of companies which are resurfacing countertops at very reasonable fees.

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If there is still reasonable service life left in your countertop, you can make it look like new by just resurfacing it. Some have saved up to 70% of the cost of a brand new countertop by just refurbishing their old countertops. There are many options laid out for you since there are many stone makers who are offering this kind of service. No matter what kind of countertop you have, you can be sure to find a company that is willing to resurface your countertop at a price you can afford. Here are some of the resurfacing options that you can consider.

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Resurfacing Granite Countertops and Other Expensive Stone Countertops

With a granite countertop, you have two options of resurfacing its surface. One is by using the services of professional countertop builder and the other is by doing it yourself if you have the proper skills and the necessary special tools. No matter what option you choose, the work will basically involve the following:

1. Removing the granite countertop from its cabinet or wood support.
2. Cleaning the granite countertop surface.
3. Removing the old seal of the granite surface by using chemical strippers.
4. Lightly sanding the surface with medium grade sandpaper.
5. Cleaning and repairing all the scratches and dents.
6. Selecting the right laminate that will blend with your existing décor.
7. Cutting and shaping the laminate into the design of your countertop.
8. Coating the whole surface of the countertop with glue, prior to attaching the laminate onto it.
9. Laying the laminate flat on the countertop surface, starting at one end of the countertop.
10. Finally attaching the laminate to the countertop by using a roller making sure that it is evenly spread throughout the countertop surface.
11. Wiping off the excess glue by using a rag or wet sponge soaked in acetone.
12. Allowing the laminate to dry for at least 48 hours before re-installing it in the platform cabinet.

Most of the expensive hard stone countertops such as onyx, marble and ubatuba granite are resurfaced using this method though there may be some small variations. You need to consider that if you want your resurfaced countertop to look exactly as elegant and beautiful as it was before, just let the professionals do the resurfacing. They already have the skills and the tools to do a respectable job out of it.

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Resurfacing Countertops Made of Laminates and Other Thin Materials
You have two ways of resurfacing these types of materials.

1) The first method is when the laminate is badly damaged. The typical way of doing this is as follows:
• Change the old laminate with a new one.
• Strip off the old laminate and remove all the glue on the countertop. Use a stripper knife and a paint stripper.
• Smooth out the surface of the countertop by using medium grade sandpaper.
• Remove all dirt and dust on the surface.
• Choose a laminate that blends well with your room décor.
• Cut and shape it according to the shape and size of the countertop.
• Apply glue on the countertop surface gently. See to it that the glue is very evenly spread.
• Lay the laminate flat on the glued countertop surface.
• Flatten it out using a roller.
• Allow the whole assembly to dry sufficiently before using the countertop. You now have a ‘brand new’ laminated countertop.

2) The second method is done when the laminate is still in good condition but you just want to make it look like new. This is done as follows:
• Don’t remove the old laminated surface but scratch its surface by using sandpaper.
• Wipe of the dust and dirt and make sure the surface is thoroughly clean.
• Choose a new laminate of your liking.
• Cut and shape it according to the size and shape of the countertop.
• Put glue on the countertop surface gently and very evenly.
• Lay the laminate flat on the glued countertop surface.
• Flatten it out using a roller.
• Let it dry sufficiently before using the ‘new’ countertop.

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Companies Which Offers Resurfacing Countertops Services
Here is a sampling of companies that have been resurfacing countertops for many years.
1. Granite Transformations – this company began its operation in 2004. They are situated at 2112 Ruthland Dr., Austin, Texas with phone number  (512) 834 2500.
2. Renew IT Master – this company has over 32 years of experience, specializing in resurfacing countertops, bathtubs, etc. They are located in 3907 Country Club Rd., Winston Salem, North Carolina, with telephone number: (336) 768 4474.

We are no affiliated with these companies and have never used them personally, but offer them as a starting place for your research.

By doing an internet search of companies offering this service, you can locate one that is near your area.