75 Kitchen Ceiling Lights 2017

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Kitchen Ceiling Lights – For many people the kitchen is still the hearth of the home, home site niche preferred by all. Although many habits have changed, the kitchen is still the room where meals are taken. This is where you talk, watching television and where children do their homework. To make it properly you need to illuminate this environment functional. We will see together in this guide how to light the kitchen with the LED.

Let’s see first what are the LED lights. Compared with ordinary light bulbs they are more sustainable from an ecological and environmental point of view. They light up instantly and does not radiate ultraviolet and infrared rays. Unlike conventional light sources do not attract insects. Guarantee low energy consumption and high luminance efficiency. With the LED lighting power consumption is reduced significantly. We will have a savings of between 65% and 95%. They may last even 17 years. Since not radiate heat, we can collect and place on any surface. This without fear that they can damage it or cause dangerous overheating.

Since the kitchen is the most occupied room of the house, we will need a continuous light solution. Using as a light source of LED, we will also have the opportunity to choose the color of the light based on our preferences. The work shelf and table lighting is especially important. Both locations need adequate light beams; for this reason we can opt for the ceiling appliances or in suspension. For kitchen countertops should use a under wall lighting. This has the advantage of avoiding the formation of annoying their shadows in the area where we are working. A direct light in fact makes easier the preparation of food and reduces the risk of accidents. The installation of LED lights is usually very simple. In fact, often they come with the so-called Plug & play, literally mounts and uses.

The arrangement of light sources must therefore be designed upstream. The ideal thing would be to install a variety of sources, including one central and the other on the various work plans. The use of independent ignition and extinguishing systems for the various lights allow to illuminate only where it is needed. If in addition to the technical and functional component, we want to give a dramatic touch to our kitchen, we can create direct light beams on particularly decorative objects. We will create so fascinating play of colors, also using colored LED.

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