7 Unique Bathroom Design Ideas

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Everybody is unique in their own way.  If you’re looking to make your home as unique as you are, one room you might want to consider changing is the bathroom.  Unique bathrooms tend to have a cookie cutter design with stamped out fixtures.  Let’s face it, we all have to use it.  So why not mix a little business with pleasure?  Since every bathroom seems to look alike, it is an easy room to let your personality shine through.  If you really want your home to stand out to your guests why not give them an experience they won’t soon forget?  With that being said, here are some quirky design ideas for your bathroom.

The easiest way to make your bathroom leave a lasting impression is to add a little artwork.  A handmade sign to make everyone chuckle is always a hit.  What better way to help lighten the mood?  Unique pictures, paintings, and sculptures can also add depth to a space that tends to be somewhat confined.  Your artistic choices will help show off your tastes and could portray a theme for the room.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  Repurposing items is another way to show off your creativity.  Nothing demonstrates that you can think outside the box more than making an item useful for an entirely different job than it was designed for.  Some cool examples are a using an old leather suitcase for a medicine cabinet, factory windows for a shower stall, a teapot for a toothbrush holder, and a bicycle for a vanity!  Don’t box yourself in, you can use almost anything to decorate any room.

Help your guests catch up on their reading.  Shelves in a bathroom aren’t that uncommon, so why not stock them with books?  Sometimes the perfect place to enjoy a novel in peace and quiet is the bathroom.  It’s only logical to have a book within reach.  Plus, your guests will get a kick out of choosing from a wide variety of titles to help pass the time.  Choose books that demonstrate your personality or interests.  If you’re not into reading ones with humorous titles will be sure to entertain.  After taking care of business, your guests will have a better idea of what you’re interested in.  A sure way to leave a lasting impression is to send a book with your guest, whether they are just borrowing it or taking it to keep.

See the writing on the wall.  Changing the appearance of the bathroom walls might help you achieve the desired effect.   Painting the walls in an unusual color or with an unusual design can really make the room stand out.  Wallpaper with an unusual pattern will also leave a lasting impression.  A texture change might also be in order.  Adding wood paneling, stone, or tile to the walls will completely alter the room and could add depth.  Tile today is available in a myriad of colors, styles, and patterns.  Unusual designs can also be laid out creating an image with the tile.  The only limit here is really your own imagination.

Fixtures are another way to make your bathroom unique.  Not just faucets, but sinks, toilets, and tubs all come in a wide range of styles and colors.  Stand out from the crowd with something other than the usual geometric white facilities we are all used to.  Not to mention items that can be repurposed as faucets or shower heads.  Once again the options seem to be endless.  The key here is to offer your guests a fresh of breath air with something different than what they may be accustomed to.

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Lastly, don’t forget lighting.  Once again this is a bathroom feature that tends to have little variation.  No matter what quirky design you decide to go with, make sure your light fixtures are as unique as the room itself.  Your choice of light fixtures can really bring the space together, and should complement the rest of the room.  Don’t be afraid to step out on a limb here, a small change in lighting can alter the entire feel and mood of room.

You want your home to reflect your style.  One room you can easily redesign to accomplish that is the bathroom.  Not to mention, it will make a lasting impression with your guests.  Bathrooms tend to have a cookie cutter design with cookie cutter fixtures, so making small changes to it can make a big difference.  We’re all a little quirky in our own little way.  Why not make your bathroom a little quirky too?

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