7 Tips on How To Maintain Bathroom Furniture

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Here are 7 Tips on How To Maintain Bathroom Furniture.

First, move the bathroom furniture, it is best to put up and carefully and remember that it is not a drag with the strong force. If the ground is uneven, you must first put a little soft pillow on the floor to maintain the smooth and steady.

Second, do not place the bathroom furniture under the sunlight, in particular, strong sunlight, while it is not fair to put them in a dry place. In short, it is best to give a good performance ventilated.

Third, if you find that there is a small crack in the bathroom cabinet size, you can mix the paints and pigments and insert into the slot to maintain proper operation for a long time. However, the grout color and pigments to be the same so you do not leave ugly scars.

Fourth, if there are scars of bathroom furniture, you first need to know the reasons for these scars, then take several treatments depending on the number of reasons. If it is the scar of the burn, you must use the stick wrapped with a hard cloth and then gently rub the scar after, smear a little ‘of vinegar on the scar and eliminate. If burn scar, there would be no white scar in the bathroom cabinet, as usual, you can use cotton soaked in alcohol, floral water and kerosene to clean the place. If the stain is water, you must first use the damp cloth to cover the scar on bathroom cabinet, and then use the iron to press the wet cloth, you should find the scar will be gone, so easy. Finally, if the scar is zero, it is best to use the cake or the pigment with the same color to identify the position of the zero scar to cover the exposed background color.

Fifth, it is often necessary to use a soft cloth to clean the dust on the bathroom cabinet, before cleaning, dampen the cloth with a cleaning spray and do not use a dry cloth.

Sixth, it is best bathroom furniture polish with wax at fixed periods, as usual, you should take the maintenance mode every six or twelve months.

Seventh, how to deal with the daily cleaning of the bathroom cabinet? If it comes to furniture ceramic bath, you can simply use water, agents and soapy water to clean the cleaning.

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