4 Things about Bathroom Anxiety

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Bathroom anxiety is a kind of anxiety causing anyone. The bathroom anxiety is abnormal condition often claimed as anxiety disorders. Anxiety is a nervous and anxious feeling when you are in a certain condition. It is actually a natural reaction of body to the stress and frightened feeling making you to be careful. It can happen when you are in the bathroom. That is why it is called as bathroom anxiety. To reveal this disorder, you can consider these following things.

Bathroom Anxiety

Bathroom Anxiety Disturbs Your Daily Life

Bathroom anxiety is one of the serious mental diseases. This is caused by a certain problem on brain function managing emotion and fear. This usually occurs due to the combination of personal experience and genetic factor. It is possibly found in a family. A kid has a pair of parents with bathroom anxiety getting risky of having it. This surely is disturbing your daily life because you are afraid of doing activities in bathroom and toilet. You can get panic, sweaty, fast heartbeats, and nervous when you are in bathroom.

Making You Weird

When you suffer a bathroom anxiety, you certainly get anxious, panic, and fear in the bathroom. You have to get out without meeting the other people. You are willingly waiting for hours until the condition of bathroom is quiet. While you are in the bathroom, you’re getting afraid of people looking at you. It makes you confused and weird to face this condition. The other people assume that you are crazy and dazed because you act weirdly and strangely.

Feeling Afraid of Pooping and Urinating in General Toilet

In addition those conditions, some people may worry near to the bathroom anytime. Fear appears as there are no toilets near to them. In fact, the people dislike discussing it but some face anxiety when the toilet is located closely. Anxiety makes a condition worse. The worse anxiety is a physical condition due to bathroom anxiety and related to the needs to go to the toilet. The anxiety is caused by a fear making you afraid of pooping and urinating when you use a general toilet not your home toilet. You may think that the bathroom or toilet is not safe for you. This is called as bathroom anxiety.

Trauma and Worst Experience Factor

Bathroom anxiety is usually caused by trauma and personal experience factor. It occurs while you were in the bathroom. Then, bad things happened. This is making you anxious and trauma to any toilets. Moreover, if you have that bad treat in general toilet, it leaves deep trauma. Trauma and worst experience takes a deal with bathroom anxiety.

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