20+ Awesome Pergola Design Ideas

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Pergola design ideas have been getting more and more popular among people recently. People who enjoy outdoor activities would like to change their backyard design as a Pergola. Pergola may make you turn your patio into the outdoor look without you suffer from any outdoor activity. Once you think of having the pergola design, you need to mention several things first. Space area is number one factor which you have to pay attention. Make sure you have enough space to install the pergola design. Therefore, you need to measure the size as well as the height of the space.

top 20 beautiful pergola design ideas and costs diy garden decor in pergola design ideasAnother factor to mention about Pergola design ideas is pergola shape. There are pergola shapes exist including circular, hexagonal, square, and rectangular. It is up to you to choose the one you want. Instead of the shapes, the material to build Pergola is a must to consider. There are three materials to install or build a Pergola that are steel, aluminum plus timber. Thus, people love choosing timber because it has a very natural appearance. Well, let you select one within your budget than its look, OK?

20+ great Pergola design ideas

If you are looking for Pergola design ideas to make your patio, you could read this info below. Let’s discuss several awesome pergola designs now!

  1. Pergola Plans from ‘A Beautiful Mess.’ For an amateur, this Pergola design may be perfect. This design is easy to build, and the finishes are not that bad. If you are interested in building Pergola using this design, just open its web. There will be guides and steps available for you.
  2. The Plant Hanger Pergola. This Plant Hanger Pergola looks gorgeous. With the hang plants’ design, your Pergola may look very beautiful. However, this design is not for a beginner. Well, you may hire the professional builder though.
  3. The Garden Arbor. If you would like to enjoy the sun while seeing and smelling beautiful flowers, this design may be great. Experience is sitting in the area surrounded by rose garden by applying The Garden Arbor design.
  4. Outdoor Kitchen Island with Pergola. When you find having an indoor kitchen is disturbing, you may set it up to be the outdoor type. Outdoor Kitchen Island with Pergola let you construct both the Kitchen Island and Pergola easily.
  5. The Louvered Pergola. This design of Pergola might be the easiest. You just need to create the rounded seating area on your deck. Then, place the Pergola over it. Voila, you are done!
  6. The Pergola Swing. Do you have a kid who loves playing outside? Well, why don’t you just build The Pergola Swing? You could decorate not only your house but also add the playing ground for your child.
  7. The Deck + Pergola. This design is pretty similar to The Louvered Pergola. The only difference is the deck setting design though.
  8. The 15-Minute Pergola. If you are an amateur, it is impossible to design your Pergola in 15 minutes. Well, you need to watch the video where the experienced builders build this Pergola.
  9. The Fancy Seated Pergola. Having this Pergola design may give fancy touches to your backyard.
  10. The Ultimate Pergola. This design of Pergola has everything. It has swings, chairs, a fire pit, relaxing spot, etc.

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