18 Inch Depth Bathroom Vanity

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The 18 Inch Depth Bathroom Vanity is growing in popularity replace the previous 24 inch width. This 18 Inch Depth Bathroom Vanity means that you save 6 inch and give you more space in cabinet. In other side, when you have smaller washer, this can give you full drain washer. When you buy vanity for bathroom, this consideration can help you to choose the right one.  The bathroom vanities are made up from several elements and you need to consider it before you buy the best one. You should choose material that resist to water, humid and stains as scratched.

18 Inch Depth Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanity has heavy use for daily and you need to choose material that withstand over. The stone, particularly granite countertop is high durability material as it also clean ease, water imperviously and difficult for scratched or stains. You just need to polish it sealed in periodically for maintenance the countertop. This example from Arlington 24 inch square vanity with ebony wooden and black granite top can be your ideas to buy. It has 24 inch wides, with 35 inches high and deep into 18.7 inch. It give antique traditional classic look with wood solid cabinet and you can buy it with $1.199.00.  Next is Silverton Slim vanity wit slim and aged look design with deep 18 inch. This is made with solid wood materials that very durable and easier to integrate. It is slightly expensive but it has sanded out ability for scratched and stains easily.

Next are the bathroom vanity styles that suit for your bathroom. There are two styles of vanity that you can choose, the built in or free standing vanities. If you have small spaces and want to have wider option to your vanities then you can choose the freestanding vanities. The built in vanities is work well with larger area available in bathroom, as most of this vanities offer the countertop space and storage design. If you need to choose vanity with or without top, it depends to your requirement and personal taste. When you buy vanity with top, it give you savvy space and practical, but it give you limited option for top that matched with the vanity. In other side, when you choose the vanities without top, then you can choose wide range countertops and come from range of materials start from glass, natural stone, solid surface and many more. The countertop height becomes key for comfort vanities use.

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