10 Best Brands of Italian and European Kitchens

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You’re wondering what to choose kitchen for your home and how to get your bearings in this crowded universe? If the answer is positive then in all likelihood you will find this post useful aims to present a selection of the best brands of Italian and European kitchens.

If you plan to buy a kitchen designed to last over time, so to ensure a perfect value for money, not to mention a particular attention to design and aesthetics, here you can find out the names of 10 industry leaders and certainly means safety.

Let’s begin then to find out what are the best brands of kitchen and we’ll do it starting from Italy then move to Europe and more specifically in Germany and France.

Dada Kitchen

True synonym of “made in Italy” and high sample invoice, the kitchens Dada guarantee durability, attention to detail and attention to design. Company founded in the first half of the ‘ 900, and become industry leaders in a short time, Dada offers to its customers a wide range of modern and stylish kitchen models always able to transform into beautiful pieces of furniture from the impeccable features.

Aran Kitchen

Among the best brands of Italian kitchens couldn’t quote Aran, contemporary and traditional at the same time company eco-innovation and keep pace with the times. Aran kitchen ensure high aesthetic quality and raw materials are made using artisan production and technology and its products are carefully chosen with the environment in mind.

Berloni Kitchen

Design, technology and experience come together to offer the best you could wish for in terms kitchens and simply the Berloni brand is an example. For over 50 years this company is testimonial of the high exquisitely Italian invoice from design to creation with a focus on customer tastes and changes in terms of style.

Febal Kitchen

Quality, professionalism and availability characterize Febal’s design philosophy that, particularly in the creation of classically inspired or modern kitchens, fits perfectly in the list of the best brands of Italian and European cuisines. Made to last long and careful to meet the diverse needs of the clients, Febal kitchens ensure perfect relation between quality and price.

Snaidero Kitchen

We discover now some of the most current models of Snaidero kitchen collection who chooses to dress up the spaces in an almost perfectly tailored solutions dynamic and customizable. Snaidero products are definitely guarantee of durability, quality and innovative design for over 70 years evolves while remaining in step with the times.

Scavolini Kitchen

A company that probably needs no introduction and it fits fully into the list of the best Italian and European brands: we’re talking about Scavolini and the wide range of kitchen models capable of giving shape to the House of their dreams. Operating for over 50 years, Scavolini perfectly embodies the concepts of high Bill and focus on design.

Valcucine Kitchen

Multiple invoice materials, projects are unique to say the least and highest quality guarantee: we discover the line Valcucine, company founded in the 90s, and quickly established itself among the leaders in the sector thanks to a philosophy to contribute to the pleasure of living everyday life.

Nobilia Kitchen

We move now in Europe, and more specifically in Germany, to introduce the kitchens signed Nobilia. This company ensures a focus on constant quality of its products making intelligent and innovative design kitchens are perfect for lovers of dynamic and elegant atmospheres.

Häcker Kitchen

We remain in Germany to discover the perfect design version of IE kitchens Häcker desires of customers with a focus on energy efficiency and the quality-price ratio. Recipient of several awards for both design innovations that for the satisfaction of our customers, the Häcker is probably the most beloved by the Germans.

Schmidt Kitchen

Let’s close our selection of the best brands of Italian and European kitchens with the French company Schmidt hitting for the dynamic design and careful attention to detail through the use of high quality raw materials. It is the first French manufacturer of furniture that makes the quest for excellence its strength coming to be present in 25 countries worldwide.

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