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If you bored with the usual horizontal garden, then it’s time you to try the vertical garden which is increasingly popular. Vertical garden is a garden built perpendicularly (vertical). The park is also often called the garden wall, green wall, vertical landscape, a living wall, and so on. Simply put, different vertical garden with horizontal gardens that we know so far, because it is grown vertically.

One of the goals is to overcome the limitations of vertical garden land, especially in big cities. In addition, the vertical garden also has a lot of functionality or usability. For example, retaining solar heat, reducing air pollution, increase oxygen supply, reducing noise pollution, and so on. Moreover, in terms of aesthetics, the vertical garden has its own beauty that is not owned by the park horizontally.

There are two types of vertical garden, the green facades and living wall. Green facades are wall overgrown vines that grow directly on the wall. While living wall is a wall that given the growing medium to grow plants. Living wall usually consists of a frame (frame), panel plants, irrigation systems / watering and fertilizing, planting media, and the plant itself.

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Replacement of the sun

To create a vertical garden, can actually be a simple way. For example, planting plants in pots then arranged from top to bottom. Alternatively, use a pipe or bamboo to plant crops and arranged from top to bottom.

However, these methods have less maximum durability. In order to be optimal, it is better to use pipe and automatic watering and fertilizing system, especially when the field of vertical garden area is fairly large.

Vertical plant applications can also be divided into outdoor vertical garden, indoor, insulation or separator, and closing the building. Indoor vertical garden typically use special lights instead of sunlight, adjusted by the amount of light itself wide field vertical garden.

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Plants pattern drafting can also be divided into several kinds. Among these are just one type of plant, using a specific pattern, or grow naturally. Types of plants can be chosen as the usual local crops we plant. There are about thirty types of crops that can be planted.

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Easy to maintain

Maintaining vertical garden itself is actually not too difficult. Importantly maintenance, such systems are checked twice a month watering and fertilizing. Do pruning when plants are dangling irregular, because after six months to a year, the plant would not grow heavy regulation. In addition, you should also have to be diligent in cleaning the leaves or plants that fall to the ground.

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No need to use dirt

In addition to composition, weight apparently growing media also affect the look and durability of the vertical garden. Therefore, generally vertical garden growing media instead of soil. Several types of growing media that are often used as coco peat, husk, sea grass, and so on.

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Vertical garden should use a lightweight growing media so as not to burden the wall structure. For example, a mixture of peat moss with coco peat. Peat contains nutrients for good growth and coco peat to keep water.

While the types of plants that should be selected from type or growing vines hanging down to make it looks pretty. Some types of plants such as maidenhair ferns, among others, phytonia, bromeliads, Kadaka, betel ivory, and so on. Vertical garden can also use more than one type of plant. However, its composition should be selected with a uniform color variations or as needed indoor or outdoor.

What about the watering? If the size of vertical garden is not too large and high (maximum 2.5 m), watering can be done manually using a hose. You can use a fertilizer sprayer.

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