How to Remove Mold in a Log Cabin

Mildew can ruin the charm and beauty of a log cabin homes and removes the visual impact of the effect of the past which occur when living or vacationing in a cabin. Cleaning cleaning logs, however, can restore this fascination and protect the structural integrity of your cabin. You can clean the registry with a […]

What is a Log House?

Building a log of wood is convenient. The log house are quite inexpensive, they last a long time and have very low maintenance costs. The wooden houses, commonly known as log house or block house, are a new type of houses made entirely of wood and constructed by overlapping of massive logs of various sizes, […]

The Log House: Wooden homes or log houses

The Log House: a typology of houses with wood. How are they built? What are the positive features of these buildings? What negative elements? What the suitable environments? We see everything there is to know about this particular type of dwelling. Wood is particularly suitable for building structures of each style and is a timeless […]