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How to Remove Mold in a Log Cabin

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Mildew can ruin the charm and beauty of a log cabin homes and removes the visual impact of the effect of the past which occur when living or vacationing in a cabin. Cleaning cleaning logs, however, can restore this fascination and protect the structural integrity of your cabin. You can clean the registry with a simple solution of water, bleach and liquid dish soap.

• Create a solution of 1 part bleach and 1 part water. Add 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap per gallon of bleach solution. A gallon is able to treat an area of 400 square meters with moderate mold. Mix the solution in a well ventilated area, preferably outside and use protective gloves and goggles.

External spray logs with a garden hose to free them from dust and dirt. Protect the vegetation adjacent to the cabin by spraying with water.

• Apply bleach solution for logs. Spray the solution on with a hand pump if external treatment registers; use a spray bottle if you work within.

• Scrub your solution to strains with a stiff brush. Start with the lowest registers and your work. This step is not required for logs with bleach stains only slight.

• Rinse with water logs starting from the beginning of the structure and working your way down. Use a garden hose to rinse the external logs and a rag and spray bottle or wet and a bucket of water to rinse the internal registers.

Spray any vegetation that may have been in contact with the bleach solution with a garden hose.

• Apply a penetrating stain in the Windows registry to make them less susceptible to mold in the future. Avoid surface treatments like varnish or polyurethane do not seal properly logs from moisture. Professionals in your local paint or hardware or home improvement can advise the stains and additives that provide more protection against mold.

Tips and Warnings

Always check the structural integrity of the records affected by mold. Replace or repair damaged logs to ensure that a structure is sound and does not deteriorate further.

Fancy New Home: Do’s and Don’ts

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Some people have more need for novelty than others and this attitude is reflected in the way of new home living, but the anxiety by change can sometimes play tricks.

According to the London designer Tricia Guild, there are little rules useful for finding balance and satisfy their desire for newness, valuing their homes without making mistakes that can help us achieve the opposite effect. This can be seemingly obvious, but it is not so.

Make small changes often

It is not necessary to do big jobs or revolutionize the whole home, often just very little to create a sense of news at home. For example different rugs for the entrance, bathroom and kitchen to be replaced at each change of season and time of year. Or a new piece of furniture from the particular style or a new framework to settle in somewhere where you want to shift your focus. But be careful not to overdo it, give yourself time to get used to living the change, don't become a neurosis (also read 5 trends to follow in order to renew your home).

Use flowers and plants to bring life to the environments

We talked in this home and in 2017 trends flowers decorate and speak: decorate with flowers, but we never tire of reminding that plants are among the most beautiful pieces of furniture to bring news and life in any room of home. If you don't think you have a green thumb, better start with plants that are easier to maintain as the Succulents (read also Corner green: Succulents in homes).

Play with colors, but without exaggeration

The colors bring liveliness and cheerfulness, but attention to hazardous combinations and juxtapositions between furniture and accessories. If you are not too confident that a color is right for your home, best to focus on neutral colors. If, instead, you want to be daring, focuses on trend colors and do not mix more than three. Read also choose colors for your home: here's what you need to consider.

Invest in artwork from emerging artists

This is the only point where you can actually join the party and dare. Art has no rules and doesn't ask for anything other than to be liked and bought it. Our homes are filled with posters of works by renowned artists, instead of giving a chance to many new emerging artists who are appearing on the market. Art is one of the most inspiring and beautiful to invest (read also Furnish the House with artwork)

Use your imagination and colors, even in small spaces

Even if you live in a small house, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the ideas, indeed, is this the best condition to give oxygen to creativity and nurture a sense of practicality. Although in small spaces should be used preferably light colors for their power to broaden the perception of space, this does not mean that dark colors or vibrant is prohibited. More an environment is small, the more you need to make it cozy and warm. See also choose the sofa suitable for a small space.

Find a starting point

Whenever you have the desire to change, but don't know where to start is necessary and urgent to find a starting point from which to start, otherwise you risk to remain motionless. Even the smallest things like buying a new plant, a magazine rack or a sofa covers, will pave the way for future innovations. Sometimes it is enough to start.

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The Log House: Wooden homes or log houses

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The Log House: a typology of houses with wood. How are they built? What are the positive features of these buildings? What negative elements? What the suitable environments? We see everything there is to know about this particular type of dwelling.

Wood is particularly suitable for building structures of each style and is a timeless material, fashion always, from antiquity to the present day. It is employed as a piece of furniture both classical and modern environments, perhaps combined with steel and glass details. The wood, with its colors, smells and the beautiful veining, coaxes the true natural side of each of us.

Perhaps it is precisely because of this that the wooden parts of a building, once covered for fear to make it appear the House too crude, now emerge as an abyss and find themselves as indispensable elements in order to make their homes greener than ever.

One of the most popular building systems for proponents of green building is named Log House, which literally means "log". Those who build these types of buildings, leaving completely exposed timber wall structures in such a way as to make the idea of a truly eco-friendly, natural, cozy home, I mean one of those houses that all dream of finding in the mountains, while a winter evening. This does not mean that it could be a perfect escape for the summer seasons, in the heart of the city, but that's another matter.

What is a Log House?

A Log House is a building made of natural logs are processed and treated previously and then installed on top of each other, forming the typical wavy walls.

Their industrial construction adopts the same methods of the blockhouse, which the logs are left in their natural form, circular section, thus not subjected to sanding and remodeling jobs. However, the choice of the trunks is accurately estimating the time for cutting and processing.

The Assembly of the log, it is also another very delicate process, because a single error would affect the quality standard. The construction system of Log House is the superposition of massive logs of various sizes, square or rounded edges, that fit each other allowing you to weld the walls and making it impossible for their movement. The Assembly is designed in such a way as to ensure seal against air and water infiltration inside the building, as well as the sealing of joints and corners. The whole process requires a highly skilled workforce.

The Log House have the same characteristics of earthquake-proof prefabricated wooden houses. Even the fire resistance is, of course, a factor which, because of their nature, cannot qualify as top of the list.

Wood, left exposed both on the inside and outside, not buy more only a structural value but it is part of the beauty of the building, but rather represents an indispensable element.

The Trunks Of The Log House?

Generally, for building a Log house Arctic pine logs are used, essence widespread Scandinavian areas instead of spruce, Alpine and more typical for this well known even in Italy.

The type of trunks used greatly depends on companies and by the choice of the customer. Generally trunks stand out especially for the shape. In fact the Log House that lie ahead can be as follows:

  • flat round outside and inside;
  • completely round, inside and out;
  • completely flat, inside and out;
  • with grooves.

The profiles of the logs are processed in such a way as to allow a tongue and Groove.

The pitfalls of a loghouse: maintenance and costs

Of hard inclusion within our city streets, the Log House is mostly known and used in the territories of origin as in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, generally characterized by a colder climate than that of Italy.

In addition, the wood is easily subject to moisture, insects and all those microorganisms that can affect durability of structure and this is particularly true especially in climatic zones characterized by wide variations between summer and winter; the elements are wood stretching movements. The Log House do not constitute by their nature an excellent acoustic insulation system.

It is evident, therefore, as the cost of these buildings cannot be too cheap. The continuous maintenance and the particular treatment of the trunks, they only require a high price compared with standard wooden prefabricated buildings, otherwise, the bargain price stands a bad construction.

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