Using Gray Bathroom Accessories Set for Modern Bathroom

Using gray bathroom accessories set for modern bathroom is quite common these days. Many homeowners love to have modern bathroom at home because the sophistication and the simplicity of the bathroom theme. In modern bathroom, gray is a primary color scheme. Gray has silvery and metallic impression to add the sophistication to the bathroom. If […]

8 Tips For Designing a Small Kitchen

In designing a small kitchen, usually you will get challenges, not only in the beauty or functional aspects, but also the efficiency aspect. Kitchen space and counter space are very limited in a small kitchen design. But you do not need to worry, because with good planning and creative design ideas, you will be able […]

Best Color For Your Kitchen Wall

Sometimes in choosing color for the kitchen wall can be a little difficult because there are many options available. But for some people who spent more time in the kitchen, for example, a housewife or a chef. For they have a kitchen with the right wall color is certainly a very influential on comfort. Surely […]