Steps on How to Change a Bathroom Sink and Faucet


How to change a bathroom sink and faucet is actually one of the best solutions you can try on bathroom. People spend much of their time trying to find the perfect bathroom design which can reflect anything they want. Yes, they tend to overdo such thing by picking the extravagant yet excessive design in their effort of making design solution. What they do not know is that there are various and simple ways of adding design to the bathroom. In that case, you can use simple furniture, or bathroom items for that matter to make some dazzling changes in room.

As the title states, one type of furniture you can use to add to the bathroom is sink and faucet. Besides having a good use in functional values, it can be of assistive aesthetical furniture you can use in the task of adding design to bathroom. With matching colors and design, these two appliances will do its job in making the room look stunning. In doing the job, you need to do the following instructions.

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Easy Simple Steps on How to Change a Bathroom Sink and Faucet

  • Clean the faucet area

Clean the faucet area

Start off the process by cleaning the sink basin and area around the faucet. First thing first, you need to apply towel on the base of sink near the pipe to avoid damage in plumbing system. Next, you can start to clean the area around faucet by abrasive scrubber until it is clean.

  • Put off the water

Put off the water in faucet

As you do not want to get squirted but running water when trying to install faucet, the next process on how to change a bathroom sink and faucet is you need to turn off the water from running. It will also be an important step since the new faucet will not be functioning properly if you keep it on the ON position. In that case, be sure to put water in the OFF position.

  • Loosen up the screws and nuts to put out the old faucet
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Loosen up the screws and nuts to put out the old faucet

As all faucets are set tight by these two components to keep it working, you need to unscrew them from the whole system. It helps you to take out the old plumbing. In doing the process, you need the help of wrench and other sorts of tools to help you unscrew them. Another thing you need to do is that you should do the whole process slowly and smoothly. It needs to be done to avoid damage in the plumbing.

  • Install the new faucet
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How to Change a Bathroom Sink and Faucet

The last process you need to do is installing the new faucet. Be sure to carefully put the new one on the mounting hole on the sink and install it on the hole itself. If you have installed the new set properly, you can try turning on the faucet and see if the water runs out of the system. If it does, then you have mastered all processes you need to do on how to change a bathroom sink and faucet. Well, it is not that hard like you imagine, right?


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