Evaluate Your House Value to Built Bathroom addition


When you decide whether the bathroom addition will right decision for you, you may start to think about how much does it cost to add a bathroom then try to evaluate the project cost as well. if you able to afford with the $50.000 price tag, the bathroom addition may a reliable investment. However, you may need to give yourself the well deserved. But, there are some important considerations before you decide to start your project. The bathroom addition can range from the small half of bathroom, such as: mirror, sink and toilet. Adding a new bathroom usually more expensive in per square foot than the other room’s because need certain types of electricity, pipes, ventilation and heating.

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Evaluate Your House Value to Built Bathroom addition (2) Evaluate Your House Value to Built Bathroom addition (3) Evaluate Your House Value to Built Bathroom addition (4) Evaluate Your House Value to Built Bathroom addition (5) Evaluate Your House Value to Built Bathroom addition

What should be included for bathroom addition?

If you want to add new tile space, before you do anything, you may need to check your local planning department and follow the rules. As the general rule, the half bath shall be at least around 3-4 feet of wide and length about 6-8 feet, at least 18 square of feet then bathroom with shower shall be 30 square feet or more. So, you may need to check those things before you start your project.

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The typical cost

Converting the existing floor which inside the garage, attic or basement into the simple bathroom can be start around $3.000-$6.000. However, the cost was also able to increase or more, if you want to get luxury bathroom or if the bathroom was far away from the existing water and lines of sewer. The cost will be variety based on your personal need and the rates of local labor as well. if you want to get DIY project, the cost will cheaper and depending on your size space, quality of equipment and the other facility.

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Several additional cost:

  1. Adding the tile, marble of counter tops and the other of class features can increase your cost as well. you can consult with the structural engineer to see if there any foundation needs.
  2. Hiring the architect to make the set of drawing plan also spend more cost and depending on size and complexity as well.
  3. If you want get several furniture’s, it may also impacting your cost. However, this is depending on the quality and taste that you want to get, you can stay simple to get lower cost.


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