If we have a kitchen definitely small, don’t despair because you simply make it complete and functional, making some simple transformation of the furniture, and creating a series of rooms in the spaces available or in the walls thick enough. In that regard, here’s a list of 10 ideas to organize a small kitchen. 1. […]

Decorating your kitchen can be a disaster if you pick the wrong equipment; this is how to choose the best swivel bar stools for your kitchen. In this occasion, we will help you to choose the best swivel bar stools for kitchen counter. Why swivel stool? Still in the same problem, we have a relatively […]

When people design their kitchens they usually don’t think practically. They often forget parts important parts of a kitchen and things required not only to complete the design or go with the style but also be properly functional. Things like kitchen cabinet pulls or kitchen counter stools are often left out in details while designing […]

Sometimes you may get stuck with the old kitchen, especially with the kitchen cabinets. If it is happening, you should not to be worried, because refinishing the kitchen cabinets can be very simple and easy. Moreover it is good for you. The refinished kitchen cabinets may help you to gain you cooking mood again. What […]

An open-air kitchen is the best way to equip your backyard for the purpose of entertaining your family members and friends. There are wide range of outdoor kitchen designs ranging from small area with a built-in barbeque grill to huge, fully equipped ones that come with countertops, bars, sinks and various types of storage cabinets. […]

Kitchen trends 2017 – the latest trends. The fashion world is not standing still, the emergence of new trends in decoration of living spaces is a never-ending stream of ideas from designers all over the world. In London, Milan, Paris and New York salons seem the freshest, hottest novelties to create maximally comfortable, practical and […]