The Proper Way in Arranging Porcelain Collection

Do you know how to arranging porcelain collection properly? In your home there are a collection of teapots, cups, vases, bowls, plates, and cups made ​​of pottery that has been through several processes and hand painting beautiful? That may be a collection of porcelain grandmother or your parents. It has been known since the Chinese […]

20 Teak Furniture That Should Exist in Your Home

Among lovers of furniture, teak furniture is known as the belle of furniture makers as the main ingredient, because the famous famous teak durable, strong and relatively more resistant to termite attacks. In fact, some say that the older the age of teak wood, the better the quality. Not surprisingly, this teak wood furniture was […]

Tips on Maintaining Mahogany Furniture

When you decide to move house to a new location and have different characteristics with the previous spot, if you require reasonable adjustments and it’s impact on your life. So it is with the furniture which you take, especially those made ​​of wood. Yes, it does look solid wood furniture, mahogany furniture, and strong from […]