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20 Ideas About Bedroom Design Tips

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In this occasion, we will discuss a little bit about bedroom design tips. Well, you should not design most personal room in the house in vain because you can realize your wildest imagination in the bedroom.

Typically, a personal element was seldom touched when considered as the most private area. I was so impressed the guests personal and untouched, sleeping room setup allowed “safe” and potluck. Occupants are also often hesitant for fear of realizing the dream because the bedroom was not quite comfortable.

In fact, the bedroom is one part of the house that can be designed specifically to pamper you. Moreover, the very elements that give you a personal show, can improve the comfort and sense of belonging. That is, the experiment out of the box is okay to apply, in the bedroom, as long as not out of the main function.

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Show your identity

Although the source of this is the design inspiration for the hotel room, it does not mean you can not take design inspiration from the following rooms. Is rustic, minimalist, urban, feminine, or a more bold pop art? To design the room, you have to know what your character is and what the desired theme.

Do not forget to calculate your comfort with the choice. Not only the aesthetic side should take precedence, but also comfort, because this is very important. Determination of the themes can be drawn from favorite characters, hobbies, style of architecture, or as simple as the dominant color. Another factor that must be considered is the area of ​​space, climate, lighting, and budget.

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Modification of forms

Rooms nuanced “light and airy” and dominated by white and gray, the shades are usually very stiff impressive. Although the colors seem “cool”, this room looks very warm and cozy. Powered adequate lighting, a bed with a high headboard and a slick of thin iron elements become the focal point of attention.

Soft color does make the atmosphere calm and comfortable, but we need to avoid the trappings of boredom room. For example, the color of the tone but there is an unusual form there.

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Color combination

While the rooms are brightly colored, making the atmosphere more fresh and reduce the use of light in the room. But, this room creates an atmosphere that is not sleepy. So, avoid using more than three colors in a bright room. The dominant color remains one of course, it is also very important.

He gave an example, if you or your baby avid pop art theme, embodied in some detail ornament. If you do not dare make a big picture on the wall, just paint one wall with a bright color, and display posters or knick-knacks supporters.

Conversely, if the field will draw on the walls, choose a color that is not too much contrast, such as room design “Ballon d’Or” is a favorite of football lovers. Coated terrazzo walls, which resemble marble textured coatings are also used in football stadiums in Europe, was so impressed cool room and cool.

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Material exploration

Want a warm bed? The answer is to use natural materials such as rattan, wood, and brick. Assisted adequate lighting, this material remains suitable combined various styles of furniture.

After that, try to combine a variety of natural materials, textures and colors in the bedroom. For example, exposed brick walls and dark brown for the ceiling. This mix will make the bedroom look more spacious though combined decorative ornaments bright warm.

Especially for the room that is not too roomy, you can distinguish the color of the wall areas with other areas. In addition, the selection of a high headboard and bed made ​​of rattan will make the ceiling appear higher so the room does not seem cramped.

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25 Ideas About Shabby Chic Rooms

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Shabby chic rooms are an idea must copy. After treating the subject kitchen we turn now to another room much loved by the Italian culture, which is precisely the bedroom. And together we discover what those details are required to furnish it according to the vintage. You'll wonder how? I'll explain as usual us. This time, however, especially with the help of a very full and varied gallery.

We explain what you'll see. First, in the first gallery that we offer, we wanted to highlight the furnishings needed to make your room a perfect nest shabby chic. While the second is a set of photos showing you already furnished bedrooms (look at the bottom of the page). The pictures, which you'll see shortly, are one more beautiful than the other. Which is why you'll find what you need.

Below is a selection of shabby chic bedrooms!

But in the meantime let's start with the talk of the bed. The bed does not have to follow the rules. So you can choose it according to your taste and your needs. Why are the accessories that make shabby, especially the headboard. You do not need to buy it from scratch, you can also obtain it by using old recycled doors. You know the fantasy really is no limit. If you do as we say good good taste and decorum. Meanwhile, watch your most beautiful shabby chic rooms.

Very important are also covered. Is the most important decorative element, given that the bedroom is defined as such by the centrality that the bed itself plays in its midst. And if there is not a precise style regarding the choice of bed, the bedclothes must be, for the winter, fluffy and soft just to look at them. While in the warm season, you can opt to cover covered in patchwork. They always do their dirty picture.

For those who love the romance and a touch of sensuality, which let's face it between us, never spoils, solving the canopy bed is for sure the best. Never goes out of style and always makes its great effect. Especially if your room is super romantic. Dilemma are the bedside lockers. Not necessarily have to be the same color as the bed. But playing with contrasts is totally granted, provided that you comply with the hue of the room. The two nightstands, obviously, they will be equal to each other.

Cute flowers, candles and books talk of top accessories, ranging accommodated in the room without exceeding. Obviously this is a retro taste notes. So if I could find an alarm clock or a clock, antique wall sconces or even also as ancient books, the room would acquire anything of value. The trunk instead cannot be specified as an accessory. But a real piece of furniture, which is required in each bedroom shabby worthy of respect. That's very striking his presence at the foot of the bed, not underestimating his great functional value.

The mirror in your bedroom shabby then necessarily have to be big and secured to the wall. As if it were simply placed. Even in this case there are no precise recommendations on the choice of particular types. Antique ones are fine, as well as those in wood and brightly shabby. Really all, TV is by no means shabby. Unless remedies those old cube-shaped televisions, slightly bulkier, but much more vintage. Yet there is a neat trick.

to make a flat panel display and suited to your shabby. You can also suspend it to the wall, or even simply support it. Two candelabra on the sides will make a retro this modern element. It's a solution. As well as supporting the TV a shabby element, whatever it may be but not necessarily effective. Chair why not? Maybe with colors, in Velvet, patterned, placed next to the bed or in the corner ... Put on shabby fabrics, such as embroidery or tulle. Will give you that romantic touch to the room, which will stand right out at you.

For the closet the choice is very personal, as for any other element of the room. In the gallery above you have proposed even a glass Cabinet, reflecting the fact that retro touch can also be associated with a more modern style and imaginative. It would be perfect if I choose a chandelier pendant, which creates a harmonious interplay of light and, above all, gives the room very bright. Don't sacrifice however side lights on bedside tables. An alternative very shabby the chandelier is a pair of wall lanterns, they do so vintage.

The rug, then, whether sleeping bag, satin, fancy does not matter, what you need to know is that it is a necessary element in a shabby bedroom. Break the monotony of the floor and brings out the color from below. Out the window goes the light and the light reflects on the bright colors of the room, so the curtains have the task to decorate this very important element of the room. Don't disregard them, I recommend!

Discover the latest shabby accessory that you need in your room!

In a corner of the room, it is perfect as a piece of furniture toilet. Not only it is a functional decoration but is also romantic and exquisitely shabby chic. We leave at the end of the board to complete the decor of the room with the right fabrics. However do not forget that the lace and tulle are perfect in a house in shabby chic style! As is the dove-gray walls!

Bed Canopy Design Ideas

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In this opportunity, we will share some information about bed canopy design. Canopy on the bed for a long time it has been used. As explained earlier, the initial function of the canopy is to prevent the wearer from exposure to cold air and keep warm while sleeping in bed. But often the changing times, now people prefer to function as part of a canopy bed decorations even the bedroom because of its unique, beautiful, and stylish. Moreover, in the present canopy has been available in various models and sizes that can be adapted to the type, size, or any kind of bedroom concept.

Speaking about the selection of a canopy for the bed, it’s worth it to whom its user adjusted later by considering age, whether children, adolescents, or adults. In addition to the age factor, canopy design also must be adjusted to its gender, where girls generally prefer the girlish style decor princesses, while boys prefer things simple and sporty. By knowing the taste differences, we will more easily determine canopy design and materials.

Want to know what kind of unique decorations that match the age or sex of a person? Here are some interesting tips and ideas on decorating a canopy on the bed.

Bed canopy for girls and young teenager

Type a bed canopy for children or young girls who should wrinkle fabric and lace. Let’s ruffle or lace hanging down to the floor. In addition to materials, also make sure you choose the right color canopy. Because girls like things girlie, keep you pick a colorful canopy but still incorporate elements girlie, for example through the use of pastel colors, pink, beige, and yellow. Thus, the child or young women who are in bed is decorated with beautiful canopy will feel like a princess.

Bed canopy for boys

Not only girls who like canopy. Sometimes, the boys wanted her bed decorated with a canopy that is unique and captivating. But, certainly in the canopy bed boys will be a little different from the canopy in girls, although the function is similar to that just adds stylish.

Bed canopy for the boys, choose a design that resembles a tent. However, try to select a material canopy lightweight but strong, like-nylon. To make it happen, make a bed on 3 sides closed and leaving one side as the entry door. Add zipper to open the door as where it is appropriate that we usually encounter in mini camps.

Bed canopy on the bed for adults

Given the canopy to be made intended for adult users, must be chosen decor and not as busy as the more minimalist decor in children. Typically, canopy for adult further highlight the impression simple and convenient. But if you want more the artistic touch, select materials canopy of the same type or have the motive that is consistent with the concept of space.

In addition to fabric, you can try other materials as the canopy. For example, to create the impression of a tropical style, select canopy made ​​from bamboo planks and attach just above the bed. Make sure that the installation is strong enough and does not endanger the person sleeping under it.

If you like, you can add a curtain. However, the curtains were installed here is different from the existing curtain on the child’s bed. Choose a thin curtain, then using a circular ring associate each edge of the curtain in 4 existing pole at the edge of the bed corners. For long curtains, you can customize it to your taste, if only half or until it touches the ground.

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