Bathroom Renovation And Tax Deductions


Bathroom renovation and tax deductions: info on concessions available to renovate the bath house. Tax deductions to 50% and 65%.

Those who want to remodel the bathroom can count on bonus furniture, renovation bonuses, eco bonus and thermal account. The eco bonus is reserved for those who, in renovation, goes to improve the energy performance of the town while the thermal account is dedicated to those who decide to replace your old boiler with a more efficient system and biomass or for those who want to install a system of solar collectors for domestic hot water production, for all information we refer you to the article about the thermal account 2016. Let all the renovations that can avail of tax deductions.

First lets get that can take advantage of tax deductions such as bonus furniture, renovation bonuses and eco bonus, all taxpayers subject to income tax. The thermal account is open to everyone and the incentive is paid in the form of a tax deduction but not in the form of economic incentive with an effective refund of part of the amount invested for the intervention subject of benefit.

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Bathroom renovation and tax deductions

Tax deductions are intended to cover part of the expenditure (50%) needed for unplanned maintenance. It goes without saying that for ordinary maintenance operations do not have access to the benefit. What are the regular maintenance with no access to tax deductions?

  • Replacement of sanitary ware
  • Replacement of tiles
  • Transformation of the bath in the shower stall
  • Painting

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Those who want to remodel the bathroom, access to tax deductions, must accompany works of ordinary maintenance, extraordinary maintenance works such as:

  • Renovation of plumbing
  • Changes to the water mains of varying magnitude
  • Renovation of electrical system
  • Moving partitions
  • Adaptation of the bathroom for the needs of a disabled
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Replacing the faucet and sanitary ware (transformation of the tub into a shower cubicle, toilet, replacement of tiles can benefit from the tax deductions if accompanied by an extraordinary maintenance as listed above. Other maintenance that can access to tax deductions for bathroom remodeling are:

  • replacement of windows
  • ventilation system
  • creation of a suspended ceiling
  • insulation
  • realization of skylights
  • restoration of old walls
  • replacement of the boiler

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If indoors, you have decided to build a second bathroom, any work can benefit from the tax deductions to 50%. The only condition to deduct the expense to complete a second bathroom, is to exploit the perimeter already available, so the second bathroom should not provide for an extension of the building.

Bathroom furniture and mobile bonus

Those who carry out renovations (extraordinary maintenance as described above) can access the bonus furniture.

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The purchase of the furniture of the bathroom can count on both bonus if renovations have focused on restructuring, whether they involved other parts of the building (restoration, rehabilitation, building renovation. By accessing the bonus restoration you can deduct the 50% of the costs incurred for the purchase of bathroom furniture, bed, sofa, table, chairs, lamps.

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Bathroom renovation: how to claim deductions

The request for access to tax deductions can be made at the time of filing tax returns. It is necessary to pay the surgery with traceable methods (credit card, debit card, bank transfer), no payment by check or cash. Who is charged with the transfer, the purpose of the payment must indicate the name and social security number of the taxpayer who wants to access the bonus and name and VAT number of the company that runs the bathroom renovations or retailer of furnishings.


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