Home Lighting Ideas to Create a Moody Atmosphere

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Home lighting ideas is very important; therefore lighting inside a home is important. However, the lights too unusual not provide any touch of the space in your home. It required good lighting arrangement so that your mood swings can well controlled.

If you are occupying a new house, you should also think about lighting suitable for each individual in the house.


This should be placed in the bedroom reading light separately, so each does not interfere with each other.


Put lights are bright enough in his study.


In this room you should install lights that can be set bright and dim. So if you occasionally check the situation, the baby would not be woken by lights on a sudden.


Although their eyesight is still good, they still need a powerful torch in order to perform operations more safely and comfortably.

Several types of lighting below can be your reference so that the atmosphere becomes more varied space.

Overall lighting

This type of lighting is usually located in the middle of the room and illuminates every corner of the house. Watt size chosen was usually very large. Actually, you can add other bright lights above the dining table. This type of lighting can be coupled with other dim lights, so that if there is no guest, you can utilize the lights dimmed.

Bedroom lighting

If you have a hobby of reading before bed, put the lights on the side of the mattress. Choose who can hang on the wall with a rope pull to make it more secure and practical. However, if there are people on your side, select reading light has an adjustable pole. The light can point to one direction, so as not to disturb others.

Dressing room lighting

Currently many wardrobes that have a light sensor that turns on automatically when opened wardrobe. Price closet is expensive. One way to simplify the search for clothing is to install lights that can be directed to the wardrobe with pull cords so as not to disturb other people who were sleeping.

Display lighting

If you are a fan of antiques or classic paintings, install lights highlight by cropping or small spotlights in the ceiling. This type of lighting can be set so that the direction of art objects that hang on the wall or in a wall rack may look more dramatic.

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Home Lighting Tips: Using Skylight to Bring a New Atmosphere

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This time we will share some home lighting tips for you.Skylights can be used to emphasize architectural elements in the room. You do not need to have a house with a dome. You can make at home with skylights and look how much simpler.

Skylights can also be made in a modern feel, for example by placing bright colors around it. Existing homes in Bridgeport, connecticut is using bright orange color on the ceiling around the skylight. Combining wood beams with skylights also attractive options. This you can do, especially if you are reluctant to use a bright color, but do not want to let the skylights were pale with a white ceiling.

Display skylights can be engineered in accordance with the character of your home building. The point is to let the sun light coming from the roof. If the sun is shining, you do not need to turn on the lights to give the visual appeal of your home.

Visual appeal also occurs due to the constantly changing shadows throughout the day. You can have dynamic-looking interior of the house with the shadow. Take advantage of the shade as much as possible. The trick, wood beam accents give or use textured wall surfaces right in the area exposed to direct sunlight.

Besides being able to act as “light” in daylight, skylights are also able to provide a connection between the interior and exterior. You will not be left behind the beautiful scenery that is on the roof of the house. If your home is surrounded by large trees, skylight is able to make the view from your home more attractive.

The sunlight streams in through skylights are also able to give the feel of quiet and privacy. If you are reluctant to put a window in the bathroom, you can put a skylight without compromising your privacy. This makes the bathroom brighter, fresher, and warmer. Just make sure the fixture and various toiletries you resistant to sunlight.

After learning that the skylights were able to beautify the home interior while providing other benefits, make sure you also can take care of easily. To simplify maintenance, place the skylight on the roof terrace of the house. This way, you can easily access the outside of the window.

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25 Ideas About Shabby Chic Rooms

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Shabby chic rooms are an idea must copy. After treating the subject kitchen we turn now to another room much loved by the Italian culture, which is precisely the bedroom. And together we discover what those details are required to furnish it according to the vintage. You'll wonder how? I'll explain as usual us. This time, however, especially with the help of a very full and varied gallery.

We explain what you'll see. First, in the first gallery that we offer, we wanted to highlight the furnishings needed to make your room a perfect nest shabby chic. While the second is a set of photos showing you already furnished bedrooms (look at the bottom of the page). The pictures, which you'll see shortly, are one more beautiful than the other. Which is why you'll find what you need.

Below is a selection of shabby chic bedrooms!

But in the meantime let's start with the talk of the bed. The bed does not have to follow the rules. So you can choose it according to your taste and your needs. Why are the accessories that make shabby, especially the headboard. You do not need to buy it from scratch, you can also obtain it by using old recycled doors. You know the fantasy really is no limit. If you do as we say good good taste and decorum. Meanwhile, watch your most beautiful shabby chic rooms.

Very important are also covered. Is the most important decorative element, given that the bedroom is defined as such by the centrality that the bed itself plays in its midst. And if there is not a precise style regarding the choice of bed, the bedclothes must be, for the winter, fluffy and soft just to look at them. While in the warm season, you can opt to cover covered in patchwork. They always do their dirty picture.

For those who love the romance and a touch of sensuality, which let's face it between us, never spoils, solving the canopy bed is for sure the best. Never goes out of style and always makes its great effect. Especially if your room is super romantic. Dilemma are the bedside lockers. Not necessarily have to be the same color as the bed. But playing with contrasts is totally granted, provided that you comply with the hue of the room. The two nightstands, obviously, they will be equal to each other.

Cute flowers, candles and books talk of top accessories, ranging accommodated in the room without exceeding. Obviously this is a retro taste notes. So if I could find an alarm clock or a clock, antique wall sconces or even also as ancient books, the room would acquire anything of value. The trunk instead cannot be specified as an accessory. But a real piece of furniture, which is required in each bedroom shabby worthy of respect. That's very striking his presence at the foot of the bed, not underestimating his great functional value.

The mirror in your bedroom shabby then necessarily have to be big and secured to the wall. As if it were simply placed. Even in this case there are no precise recommendations on the choice of particular types. Antique ones are fine, as well as those in wood and brightly shabby. Really all, TV is by no means shabby. Unless remedies those old cube-shaped televisions, slightly bulkier, but much more vintage. Yet there is a neat trick.

to make a flat panel display and suited to your shabby. You can also suspend it to the wall, or even simply support it. Two candelabra on the sides will make a retro this modern element. It's a solution. As well as supporting the TV a shabby element, whatever it may be but not necessarily effective. Chair why not? Maybe with colors, in Velvet, patterned, placed next to the bed or in the corner ... Put on shabby fabrics, such as embroidery or tulle. Will give you that romantic touch to the room, which will stand right out at you.

For the closet the choice is very personal, as for any other element of the room. In the gallery above you have proposed even a glass Cabinet, reflecting the fact that retro touch can also be associated with a more modern style and imaginative. It would be perfect if I choose a chandelier pendant, which creates a harmonious interplay of light and, above all, gives the room very bright. Don't sacrifice however side lights on bedside tables. An alternative very shabby the chandelier is a pair of wall lanterns, they do so vintage.

The rug, then, whether sleeping bag, satin, fancy does not matter, what you need to know is that it is a necessary element in a shabby bedroom. Break the monotony of the floor and brings out the color from below. Out the window goes the light and the light reflects on the bright colors of the room, so the curtains have the task to decorate this very important element of the room. Don't disregard them, I recommend!

Discover the latest shabby accessory that you need in your room!

In a corner of the room, it is perfect as a piece of furniture toilet. Not only it is a functional decoration but is also romantic and exquisitely shabby chic. We leave at the end of the board to complete the decor of the room with the right fabrics. However do not forget that the lace and tulle are perfect in a house in shabby chic style! As is the dove-gray walls!